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Emotions run high when family members have an argument—especially if that argument escalates to a point where one or more members winds up facing charges of Domestic Battery or a Violation of an Order of Protection. Sometimes cases like theses are simple mistakes—an out-of-control situation or an argument that’s gone badly.

It takes a competent and effective Illinois criminal defense lawyer to work though this with you so that you’re not rolled over by the courts. The Yetter Law Group have a proven record of success in the Cook, DuPage, and Kane county domestic courts. Most domestic battery charges against our clients are dismissed.

It’s fair to say that Illinois domestic battery laws favor the prosecution. The state attorney’s often follows up on domestic cases even though it’s not uncommon for individuals to allege domestic violence as a manipulative tactic. Since proof of injury is not a required element in the charge of domestic battery—even though bodily harm is often alleged even without proof—many cases are simply “he said, she said” situations. Choosing the right Chicago domestic battery attorney to represent you can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a negative one.

Every year more and more domestic battery laws are created through new legislation and case law rulings. Enhancements to felonies, minimum jail sentences, permanent convictions, mandatory overnight jail stays upon arrest—all of these have come into existence only in the last ten or so years. And with almost every legislative cycle, new mandates are imposed upon the police and courts by the legislature.

Merely being charged with domestic battery can complicate your work and personal life, now and in the future. A conviction for domestic battery is not expugnable under Illinois law and it can hinder your ability to get professional licenses and Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cards. Don’t lose your legal rights because of a domestic battery or violation order of protection case.

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In many cases, the criminal defense attorneys at The Yetter Law Group can work to have domestic battery and related charges dismissed. However, when we can’t obtain an easy dismissal, you have the security of knowing that you’re protected by expert trial lawyers who have successfully defended hundreds of cases before judges and juries. If you’re facing domestic battery charges in Cook, DuPage, Will or Kane counties, or any criminal court in Illinois, call 631-858-8840 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

What is Domestic Battery in Illinois?

Illinois law defines domestic battery as touching a person you are related to in an insulting way, or in a way that causes harm. That means a spouse, a child, another relative, or someone you once dated. Politics—driven by the desires of politicians to appear tough on crime—has created a situation where it is easy to get someone charged with domestic battery. Police no longer have discretion to judge the situation and send people to "neutral corners.” If someone is accused of domestic battery—even if the allegation is made by someone uninvolved—then it’s likely that at least one person is getting arrested and spending the night in jail. This is then followed by a mandatory 72-hour “cooling off” period where one of the parties is required to vacate the home.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Many of our clients have come to initial consultations and told us they felt like they were assumed to be guilty upon arrest. They are treated badly by the police, jailed overnight, told they cannot go home, and kept away from their families—all as a result of a simple accusation. The attorneys of The Yetter Law Group stand up for our clients in the face of overzealous prosecution.

Assessing Options: Building a Strong Defense or Preparing a Friendly Disposition

Domestic battery charges in Illinois can leave you feeling guilty and helpless. If you’re charged, state law requires a jail stay, the mandatory vacating of your home for 72 hours, and bond conditions that even those charged with felonies don’t usually face. More and more prosecutors are moving to keep people away from their families for months at a time and to wear electronic monitoring devices before they’ve even been to court, much less had a trial on the merits of the case.

Commonly, when emotions cool, the person who called the police wants to drop the charges. Even in these cases, prosecutors rarely listen to the direct wishes of the parties involved if they aren’t represented by knowledgeable legal counsel. Each county in Illinois—whether it be Cook, DuPage, Kane, Will, or another county—handles the charge of Domestic Battery differently, as there are strong political motivations behind these actions.

The right criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference. With nearly fifty years experience in nearly every domestic battery courtroom in northern Illinois, the attorneys at The Yetter Law Group know every possible way to clear these allegations. Our lawyers speak to witnesses and state’s attorneys to ensure that everyone understands the situation before crafting a disposition that will exceed your expectations.

What if the Alleged Victim Wants You to Suffer?

A charge of domestic battery is often used as a way of removing a person from a house, or as a tool in divorce proceedings, or as a weapon of revenge for some perceived slight. Typically the police arrest the accused and hope that the court sorts out the situation. Under Illinois law, the police simply don’t have the discretion to do anything else. At the Law Office of The Yetter Law Group, each case of domestic battery is evaluated individually, with your best interests in mind.

Despite the popular impression of domestic violence created by television shows like COPS, not everyone arrested for domestic battery is guilty. Our attorneys will investigate all issues as they relate to events leading up to your arrest:

  • Is there a medical report?
  • Are there additional witnesses?
  • Did the police take a statement from you?
  • Were you hit, struck, or threatened during the dispute?
  • Has your spouse / ex-spouse / girlfriend ever struck or threatened you?

It’s important to remember each case is different and requires legal solutions customized to the circumstances. If you are divorced or getting divorced, it’s important to consider alternatives and options leading to dismissal or reduction in the charges against you. This is to avoid impacting child custody and visitation issues later.

Being among the leading Domestic Battery lawyers in Wheaton, Rolling Meadows, and St. Charles, The Yetter Law Group understands not everyone is interested in reconciliation. If your spouse, ex-spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend presses charges, you need The Yetter Law Group's experienced legal team to aggressively defend your rights and minimize the likelihood you will see additional charges, prison time, unneeded counseling, or fines.

Defending Your Rights and Your Future

The Chicago-area law offices of The Yetter Law Group and all the attorneys who work there understand the issues and unique situations often giving rise to domestic battery charges. Our lawyers will fight aggressively for you as we defend your best interests.

To schedule a free, confidential consultation, contact the domestic battery attorneys at the law office of The Yetter Law Group at 630-858-8840. The Yetter Law Group maintains offices in Wheaton, Saint Charles, and Rolling Meadows. Our criminal defense firm represents clients in Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Greater Chicago, and throughout the State of Illinois.

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