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The Yetter Law Group

Wheaton, Rolling Meadows and St. Charles, Illinois

Leading Illinois Criminal and Traffic Defense Lawyers

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With the flash of a blue light or the clink of a police officer's handcuff, your life can change in an instant. An arrest - regardless of the reason - is the last thing anyone expects as result of their actions or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A conviction, which can result in jail time, high fines, diminished employment opportunities, alienation by family and friends, embarrassment and more, is the last thing anyone wants.

Having the right lawyer on your side can make all the difference in the resolution of the criminal charges you face, but for most people hiring a lawyer is confusing. How do you know you are getting the right criminal defense lawyer?

When you need someone to stand up for you, the expert criminal defense lawyers of The Yetter Law Group. John Yetter and Amanda Waechter are who you want on your side. They take their jobs - your case - very seriously. The Illinois criminal defense attorneys at The Yetter Law Group have nearly fifty years experience fighting for people throughout northern Illinois, and there is no case they can't handle. With offices in Wheaton (DuPage County), Rolling Meadows (Cook County) and St. Charles (Kane County), this firm offers dedication, knowledge and experience to help make things right for you.

Facing criminal charges is a problem more common than you might think. In and around Chicago alone, thousands of ordinary citizens find themselves in difficult situations that threaten their liberty. Don't be paralyzed by your circumstances. The defense attorneys at The Yetter Law Group in Wheaton, Rolling Meadows and St. Charles, Illinois have devoted their careers to standing up for people just like you. Enthusiasm and concern are the trademark of The Yetter Law Group. Sharing knowledge with clients is a primary goal so that you never feel left out of your defense. Success comes easier when you understand every step taken in your defense.

The lawyers at The Yetter Law Group have brand of criminal defense that give you instant advantages. Prosecutors have so many resources that anyone facing criminal charges, guilty or innocent, often feels at a disadvantage from the beginning. The Chicago-area The Yetter Law Group is an experienced, knowledgeable team of criminal defense attorneys prepared to counterbalance the government and fight for you. The prosecution is working very hard to win - you should expect nothing less from your legal defense team.

Nothing matters more than having the best attorney working for you. That's why we make it our business to be tougher and smarter than Illinois' strongest prosecutors. Nearly fifty years of criminal defense experience combined with the legal knowledge and expert witness resources translate into a proactive and effective fight against any criminal charges you face.

Call 630-858-8840 today to schedule a free confidential consultation. You owe it to yourself and those who love you. Contact the criminal defense lawyers at The Yetter Law Group right away to talk to one of our lawyers in Wheaton, Rolling Meadows or St Charles.

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